ATSF Magazine Articles

Last revised: 01/17/1998
Originally compiled: 1996
Maintained by Rick Duncan

This is a list of articles about the ATSF. The list is sorted by magazine and then date.

Cross reference for magazine titles
cttClassic Toy Trains
gmrGreat Model Railroads
mmMainline Modeler
mrModel Railroader
ogrO-Gauge Railroading
rfrRailfan & Railroad
rmcRailroad Model Craftsman
sfmSanta Fe Modelers Magazine
sfrSanta Fe Route (Santa Fe Historical Society)
trpThe Railroad Press
vrlVintage Rails
warWarbonnet (Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society)

ATSF Magazine Articles
cttJan 1996Treading on a middle ground
cttNov 1996Former Santa Fe RR exec's dream Flyer layout
cttFeb 1997Customizing maintenance-of-way cars
cttMay 1997Classic train sets: Lionel's O-27 Santa Fe passenger set
gmr1991 Santa fe passenger trains on the argentine division
gmr1992 Today's Cat Mountain & Santa Fe
mm Feb 1993Santa Fe sleeper
mm Feb 1993Santa Fe diesel painting
mm Apr 1993Santa Fe Reefer
mm Jun 1993Santa Fe Bx-49 boxcar
mm Jun 1993Santa Fe bridge
mm Nov 1993Santa Fe passenger cars
mm Dec 1994Santa Fe Block Signal Modeling
mm Dec 1994ATSF RR40T Radio Tower
mm Feb 1995ATSF PS-1 Boxcar
mr Mar 1968Operations on East bay's Santa Fe Central
mr May 1976Santa Fe's 70-ton mill gondola
mr Oct 1976The Pennsylvania, Santa Fe & Pacific System
mr Oct 1976The Pennsylvania, Santa Fe & Pacific system
mr Mar 1980Passenger trains on the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe
mr Nov 1980Build a Santa Fe 1950's era reefer
mr Feb 1981The Panhandle & Santa Fe
mr Dec 1981Lionel's Santa Fe F3
mr Jan 1982Track planning for the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Mar 1982Benchwork an roadbed for the Washita & Santa Fe
mr May 1982Laying flextrack on the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Aug 1982The telephone system used on the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe RR.
mr Sep 1982Santa Fe 10-Pack
mr Sep 1982Wiring the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Nov 1982A backdrop for the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Feb 1983Bsic scenery for the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Jun 1983Structures for the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Jul 1983Santa Fe Alco PA-1 and PB-1 passenger diesels
mr Dec 1983Santa Fe Argentine Division
mr Dec 1983Santa Fe baggage car of 1880
mr Apr 1984Brass GP50 in Santa Fe colors
mr May 1984Rebuilding the Cat Mountain & Santa Fe
mr Jun 1984The Santa Fe Silsbee district in N scale
mr Aug 1984Washita Canyon on the Washita & Santa Fe
mr Dec 1984Santa Fe piggyback conversions
mr Dec 1984Model Santa Fe TOFC rebuilds in HO
mr Nov 1985Santa Fe zebra-striped Geeps in HO
mr Jan 1986Santa Fe Prairie Locomotives
mr Mar 1986Scratchbuild a Santa Fe station in styrene: 1
mr Apr 1986Scratchbuild a Santa Fe Station in styrene: 2
mr Oct 1988Modeling Santa Fe's Conditionaire covered hoppers
mr Nov 1988Modeling Santa Fe's 2nd-order GP35s
mr May 1989Santa Fe's 3000-class Mallets
mr Oct 1989Modeling a Santa Fe 120-foot turntable
mr Sep 1991Detailing Santa Fe steel cabooses
mr Oct 1993Santa Fe's T-rail trestle
mr Jan 1994Santa Fe's Boron station
mr Jan 1994Model a Santa Fe Dash 8-40CW in HO scale
mr May 1994The N scale Union Pacific & Santa Fe
mr Apr 1995Model a Santa Fe Dash 8-40B
mr Aug 1995Tiger Stripes
mr Aug 1995Detailing N scale Santa Fe cabooses
mr Aug 1995Build an HO scale Santa Fe work flat
mr Nov 1995Modeling a Santa Fe SD75M
mr Mar 1996The Los Angeles Junction Ry.
mr Mar 1996Intermountain HO scale Santa Fe 40-foot ice reefer
mr Jun 1996Modeling Santa Fe's GP50s
mr Jul 1996Modeling surf and sand
mr Sep 1996Build the Cat Mountain's South Plains District
mr Oct 1996The Raton Division
mr Oct 1996Track and poser for the South Plains District
mr Feb 1997Build a Santa Fe GP60M in N scale
mr Mar 1997Precision Masters N scale steel and wood ice-bunker reefers
mr Sep 1997Painting Santa Fe FTs
mr Oct 1997MDC HO Santa Fe 4-4-2 steam locomotive
rmcMar 1972ATSF Unit Train Hopper
rmcMar 1972ATSF unit train hopper plans
rmcJun 1973Santa Fe wood and steel boxcar (modeling)
rmcJun 1973ATSF wood and steel boxcar (prototype data)
rmcOct 1973The Santa Fe Roster of Bob Kjellander
rmcApr 1974scaling down santa fe's big domes
rmcApr 1974atsf/auto-train full-length dome drawings
rmcJun 1976atsf baldwin/emd switcher 2450/1160
rmcDec 1977Clinchfield's Santa Fe style steel caboose
rmcApr 1991Kitbashing a Santa Fe CF7 in HO scale
rmcDec 1992A budget Santa Fe SD40
rmcMar 1993Build a Santa Fe GP60B
rmcMar 1993Santa Fe's super fleet
rmcFeb 1995Santa Fe Super Hoppers
rmcOct 1995Harvey Robinson's Santa Fe layout
rmcFeb 1996Modeling ATSF SD45B units
rmcMar 1996Intermountain HO scale Santa Fe ice reefers
rmcSep 1996Harriman passenger cars on the Santa Fe?
rmjJan 1997Electro-Motive Division GP60M as ATSF 105
sfmJan 1987Modeling the Santa Fe in Southern Calif - A layout plan and story
sfmJan 1987Steam ejector air conditioning
sfmJan 19871943 freight car register
sfmJan 1987Clifton coaling chutes
sfmJan 1987The "New" 9500 diesels
sfmJan 19871940 passenger train consists in the Los Angeles area
sfmJan 19871987 convention layouts
sfmApr 19871943 passenger car register
sfmApr 1987Railroad logging in east Texas and Louisiana - The Silsbee Mills
sfmApr 1987Custom detailing PRB brass Santa Fe tank cars
sfmApr 1987Rr-54 mechanical reefers
sfmApr 1987Square with the world
sfmApr 1987Community property on the Paris branch
sfmJul 1987Santa Fe local train operations in the Great Bend, KS, area
sfmJul 1987Kitbash a Santa Fe derrick
sfmJul 1987Bx-21 box car was one of a kind
sfmJul 1987The Santa Fe's Bx-76 boc cars
sfmOct 1987Building an N-scale freight car roster - part II
sfmOct 1987Albert, KS, depot plans
sfmOct 19871953 official freight car register with additional data
sfmOct 1987Where the Hell is Nelson, Arizona
sfmOct 1987System History Map
sfmJan 1988Santa Fe steam in Kansas
sfmJan 1988The Santa Fe's gravity coal chutes
sfmJan 1988Detailing an Athearn SW-1500
sfmJan 1988Early TOFC equipment
sfmJan 1988Cleburne, Texas - end of an era
sfmJan 1988Clover House dry transfers for Santa Fe 40' box cars
sfmApr 1988Steel Bridge Gang
sfmApr 1988The Macho Canyon and Santa Fe
sfmApr 1988Upgrading Athearn's Baldwin S-12
sfmApr 1988Santa Fe's vanishing roundhouses
sfmApr 1988Bachman HO GE 44-ton swithcer
sfmApr 1988Walther's 36' offset hopper
sfmJul 1988Modeling Walther's passenger cars
sfmJul 1988Santa Fe's Colton, CA, depot
sfmJul 1988A branchline comes to age - Part I
sfmJul 1988Santa Fe coil steel car kits
sfmJul 1988More Vanishing(ed) Roundhouses
sfmJul 1988Front Range Santa Fe 40' slogan/map box cars
sfmJul 1988IHC/Rivarossi passenger cas
sfmOct 1988SFRD history and operations Part I
sfmOct 1988Evolutionary time line of SFRD cars
sfmOct 1988Modeling refrigerator car hatch covers
sfmOct 1988SFRD icing facilities
sfmOct 1988San Bernardino precooling plant
sfmOct 1988Modeling SFRD refrigerator cars
sfmOct 1988SFR rolling stock roster and equipment detail drawings
sfmJan 1989A "Dallas" Chief album
sfmJan 1989Build a Santa Fe stock pen
sfmJan 1989A branchline comes of age, part II
sfmApr 1989The SFRD story - Part II
sfmApr 1989Build a Santa Fe style ice dock
sfmApr 1989Modeling Santa Fe ice cars
sfmApr 1989Early MTC cars - the prototype
sfmApr 1989Modeling Rr-56, 60, and 61 MTC cars
sfmApr 1989Santa Fe's stainless steel reefer
sfmApr 1989Table of icing and cold storage plants
sfmJul 1989A branchline comes of age - Part III
sfmJul 1989A branchline comes of age - Part IV
sfmJul 1989Santa Fe Railway Belen Cutoff track profiles
sfmJul 1989BH Models 24-foot diameter Santa Fe steel water tank kit
sfmOct 1989Santa Fe's rebuilt SD45-2B's
sfmOct 1989Steam locomotive oil facilities
sfmOct 1989Modeling Ft-G flat cars - Part II
sfmOct 1989Westerfield Santa Fe Bx-11, 12, and 13 box car kits
sfmOct 1989Champ ATSF box car decals
sfmJan 1990Santa Fe's water service department
sfmJan 199024-foot diameter steelwater tanks
sfmJan 1990Modeling 24-foot diameter steel water tanks
sfmJan 1990A typical Santa Fe pump house
sfmJan 1990Santa Fe water treatment facilities
sfmJan 1990Water station layouts: Great Bend and Panhandle
sfmJan 1990Santa Fe water cranes
sfmJan 1990Stock yard water service
sfmJan 1990Drilling for water along the Santa Fe
sfmApr 1990USRA box car rebuilds
sfmApr 1990Santa Fe's car shops
sfmApr 1990Diesel fueling facilities
sfmApr 1990Santa Fe's radio frequencies
sfmApr 1990Microscale DF-insulated decals
sfmApr 1990BH Models 24-foot diameter steel water tank - update
sfmApr 1990Sunshine models USRA box car model
sfmJul 1990RAilroad radio frequency update
sfmJul 1990Santa Fe bridge building
sfmJul 1990Timber trestles on the Santa Fe
sfmJul 1990How the Santa Fe numbered bridges
sfmJul 1990Modeling timber trestle bridges
sfmJul 1990Culverts, boxes and arches
sfmJul 1990Modeling stone culverts on Raton
sfmJul 1990Modeling timber box culverts
sfmJul 1990The Canadian River bridge
sfmJul 1990Santa Fe System rating of railway bridges
sfmJul 1990Champ SFRD decals
sfmJul 1990Hallmark models passenger and expresstrucks
sfmOct 1990Modeling Santa Fe Dooodlebugs
sfmOct 1990Modeling the GP-60M "Hammerheads"
sfmOct 1990Santa Fe Railway painting and lettering guide update
sfmOct 1990Sunshine Models Santa Fe Bx-33 box car kit
sfmJan 1992F-unit update
sfmJan 1992Impressive intermodal insurgence
sfmJan 1992Scratchbuilding Santa Fe crossbucks
sfmJan 1992Santa Fe's TOFC and COFC cars
sfmJan 1992Adventures with A-Line
sfmJan 1992McKean Models HO scale Front Runner
sfmJan 1992Tichy HO scale water column
sfmJan 1992NJ International cantilever signal bridges
sfmApr 1992Kitbashing a Santa Fe baggage-mail car
sfmApr 1992Way car 1066
sfmApr 1992Modeling the super hopper
sfmApr 1992Modeling Santa Fe freight car trucks - part II
sfmApr 1992Listing of trucks applied to Santa Fe freight cars 1910-1959
sfmApr 1992Santa Fe's class 540 and 545 trucks
sfmJul 1992An historical day for modeling Raton Pass - Part I
sfmJul 1992Containers, trailers, and chassis
sfmJul 1992The CB&T shops reefer kits
sfmJul 1992Microscale Santa Fe "Catwhisker" FT and F7 decal set
sfmOct 1992An historical diary for modeling Raton Pass - Part II
sfmOct 1992Modernized refrigerator car rebuilds of the mid-fifties
sfmOct 1992Accurail HO scale Santa Fe box car kits
sfmJan 1993An architectural survey of Santa Fe frame depots
sfmJan 1993Building frame depots in styrene
sfmJan 1993The depot at Eagle, NM - an example of two story contstruction
sfmJan 1993Modeling the Garden Plain, Kansas, depot
sfmJan 1993Jim Crow and his influence on Santa Fe depots
sfmApr 1993Modeling the Hermosa Depot
sfmApr 1993Modeling Santa Fe freight car trucks - an update
sfmApr 1993Build a section tool house
sfmApr 1993Microscale Scout decal set
sfmJul 1993Kitbashing Central Valley stock car kits
sfmJul 1993A tale of two pacifics
sfmJul 1993Santa Fe Trail Transportation company: a brief overview for model
sfmJul 1993Overland brass 50' Santa Fe reefers
sfmOct 1993Important correction to Central Valley stock car kitbash
sfmOct 1993Modeling the Caswell gondola
sfmOct 1993Modeling an "old" modern covered hopper
sfmOct 1993HO scale Thielsen truck conversion
sfrJul 1983Cyrus K. Holliday and his dream that came true
sfrApr 1991The California Limited
sfrJul 1991The California Limited - Part II
sfrJul 1991The brith and death of a branch line - The Redondo Branch
sfrOct 1991The crossing of the Colorado River
sfrOct 1991Diary of a train watcher = Jan-Mar, 1946
sfrJan 1992The crossing of the Colorado River - The A&P crosses the Coloado
sfrJan 1992The way it was = Mar-Apr, 1946
sfrApr 1992The crossing of the Colorado River - the third and final bridge
sfrApr 1992The way it was = Apr-May, 1946
sfrJul 1992The Player truck
sfrJul 1992The way it was = May-June, 1946
sfrOct 1992A history of the 3751 class - Santa Fe's "Big Mountains"
sfrOct 1992The way it was = June-July, 1946
sfrJan 1993A history of the 3751 class - conclusion
sfrJan 1993Colorado River bridge update
sfrApr 1993The dowsing of Orange County
sfrApr 1993The way it was - July, 1946
sfrJul 1993John J. Byrne - the man behind the herald
sfrOct 1993Santa Fe's Medicine Lodge Branch
triSep 19892000 miles west of Topeka
trnFeb 1995Santa Fe's steel highway across northern Arizona
trnMar 1995Today's railroading: revolution at Rowe
trnMar 1995Hot spots: Colton, CA
trnApr 1995High times at Mission Tower
trnJun 1995On location: Cajon Pass, California
trnJul 1995BN-Santa Fe widens its lines
trnApr 1996The Santa Fe mystique
trnApr 1996The Chief Way
trnNov 1996Twenty-fours at Supai Summit
trnJan 1997Farewell, Chiefs
trnJan 1997On location: Tehachapi
trnFeb 1997Forsaken Pass-1: Crown of the Santa Fe
trnMar 1997Chain linbk along the Santa Fe
trpSep 1995Santa Fe: 1859 - 1995
vrlSep 1995Summit operator: Morse code to computers
vrlMar 1998Robert Hale: Railroad photographer, remembered
vrlMar 1998Hernando G. Villa and the Chief
warJan 1995Santa Fe standard steam locomotives of the 1920's - part I
warJan 1995Westerfield Bx-11 and Bx 12 box cars
warJan 1995Eastern Car Works Dahlman two-level trucks
warJan 1995American Model Builder's Santa Fe prototype roof shingles
warJan 1995American Model Builder's Santa Fe two-story depot kit
warJan 1995Concord Junction HO scale Pullman 8-2-2 lightweight sleeper
warApr 1995The SD45 - Thirty years of service
warApr 1995Santa Fe's standard steam locomotives of the 1920's-Part I(contd)
warApr 1995E&C Shops Santa Fe Ga-202 62' wood chip gondola
warApr 1995Sunshine Models Santa Fe Bx-38 box cars
warJul 1995Widecabs in N-scale; the GP60M and GP60B
warJul 1995Modeling the Santa Fe's Hart selective Ballast Hoppers
warJul 1995The way it was, part 8
warJul 1995Remnants of the Royal Gorge war
warJul 1995Santa Fe tender capacity markings
warJul 1995Fine N-scale Products: N-scale Caswell gondola kit
warJan 1996A Collage of Santa Fe Memories
warJan 19961995 Annual Convention report
warJan 1996The Way It Was, Part 9
warJan 1996Dumpster Diggings
warApr 1996The Surf Line 1940-1950
warApr 1996Modelling Santa Fe's Fe-24 class automobile box cars
warApr 1996Diary of a Santa Fe train watcher-Part 10:Feb '47 trip to San Ber
warJul 1996Acing a boom-Development of the Plains Division Borger District
warJul 1996Modeling the Borger District
warJul 1996Santa Fe Bridge Advertising Designs
warJul 1996Diary of a Santa Fe train watcher-Part 11: A San Joaquin Holiday
warJul 1996Fort Worth Convention coverage
warOct 1996The Santa Fe in miniature: A...view of the work of Minton Cronhit
warOct 1996The Surf Line: 1950 - 1965
warOct 1996Modeling Santa Fe's train indicator sign
warJan 1997A "Team Effort"
warJan 1997A brid\ef history of the Canon City Branch
warJan 1997A pocket size depot - Hulah, Okla., combination station
warJan 1997Cushioning the stainless steel fleet
warApr 1997Fast Mail Express
warApr 1997Fast Mail Express: Just Another Santa Fe "Shooter"
warJul 1997100 Class FT's, the
warJul 1997Stewart's HO scale Santa Fe FT's
warJul 1997Bad night on Aikman Hill, A
warJul 1997Modeling Magnetic Signal Company Wigwags-Part 1
warJul 1997Late steam/early diesel era Santa Fe freight car models
warOct 1997Pevine passenger service
warOct 1997Impressions of the "Hassayampa Chief"
warOct 1997Abra-Skull Valley line change
warOct 1997Build an HO scale ATSF U36C
warOct 1997Diary of a Santa Fe train watcher-part 12

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