A video was recently sent by Rob Krebs to `Fellow Employees'. It was a music video outlining the history of the ATSF. It was sung by Lee Greenwood and titled GOD BLESS THE SANTA FE (remember his hit, GOD BLESS THE USA?).

If you have even an inkling of appreciation for the ATSF, this video will give you chills! Check it out! It goes like this:

written by Chuck Gierhart BNSF Corp
music by Dan Bradley

They gathered in Topeka, `cross the Kansas fields they steamed,
With seven miles of railroad and one station at Pauline.
One car, it was borrowed. The power'd seen better days.
So they laughed at Cyrus Holiday, when they heard him say.

From Chicago to the Texas coast, go'n westward to L.A.
Across those golden waves of grain, to the San Francisco bay.
Come on and stand up, and wave to her, and help her on her way
She'll be built by folks like you and me, keep rolling Santa Fe.

He laid rail clear cross Kansas, 'cross the prairies wide and vast,
And southward through the Rockies by the way of Raton Pass.
And eastward through Missouri and on to Illinois.
As they crossed the Mississippi, you could hear them cry with joy.


With a silver, shining body, red nose in bold relief
In 1937, it was called the Super Chief.
The California Limited, and of course, El Capitan,
The home of stars and stage and screen. The best in all the land.


The water rose in Niota, in the summer of '93.
The never ending showers changed the fields into a sea.
We worked in mud and water and fought the rising tide.
We did it all together, working side by side.


Some folks work in yards and offices, some in S-M-T's.
Some work as dispatchers, inside the S-O-C.
Accountants and conductors, each has a role to play.
We all have pulled together, to build the Santa Fe.


My daughter's a dispatcher, and I run a track machine.
Daddy drove a diesel, out of Argentine.
Grandpa maintained signals along the right-of-way.
It's been five generations, now it's time to say.


Cyrus opened up the book, around 1869,
Others added chapters, right up until our time.
It's been hard work and sacrifice, and sometimes it's been fun.
But it isn't time to close the book, the best is yet to come.
From Seattle to Chicago, to the gulf coast's eastern door,
And westward bound through Dallas town, to California's shore.
Come on and stand up, and wave to her, and help her on her way.
She's the finest line this land has seen, the B-N Santa Fe.


She's run by folks like you and me, God Bless the Santa Fe!

May be the best music video ever made! And a pretty good PR move, too. Don't have a clue how you would get a copy!
Provided by Bob Batson

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